Born in Leningrad. The first creative steps - children's music school in piano and children's studio at the St. Petersburg Theatre "Zazerkalye" 

In 2004 he graduated from the Baltic Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and International Cooperation (studio school at Alexandrinsky Theatre), Department of Theatre Arts, Master S.A.Milyaeva received specialty "Cinema and theater actor." 

In 2007 he graduated from the Baltic Institute of Economics, Politics and Law (singing course, masters h.a. Russia I.L.Prosalovskaya and h.a. Russia E.I.Entina) in "A of musical theater." 

Studied singing privately master classes and workshops E.V.Obraztsova, V.A.Atlantov, D.A.Hvorostovskiy, K.I.Pluzhnikov, G.G.Hanedanyan, J.L. Pasolini, F.Pagliazzi. 


He worked in the Russian and foreign theaters - in St. Petersburg (Mariinsky Theatre, Alexandrinsky Theatre, Theatre "Baltic House", Theater "Zazerkalye," Theater "Karambol", Musical Comedy Theatre, Theatre of the Opera Studio of the Conservatory, and others), Opera and ballet Theatre of the Republic of Komi, Krasnodar musical theater, Irkutsk Musical Theater, Saransk opera and Ballet Theatre, Krasnoyarsk Musical Theater, Budapest Operetta Theatre, Bucharest operetta Theatre "Ion Dacian". 


He has toured in France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Costa Rica, China, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Belarus.



Roles and parties: 

The period 1996-2000 (during study in the studio) sang Ham in Benjamin Britten's opera "Noah's Ark", Alto "Stabat mater" G.Pergolesi, Jacob in the children's opera I.Tseslyukevich "History dwarf Jacob and Princess Mimi," Tailor "Ferdinand Magnificent" S. Banevich, 

Of 2000-2004 (during study at the institute) Page, Prince "The first ball Cinderella" dir. N. Rahshteyn, young Onegin "Under the Blue Sky", a beggar singer "Alexandria" dir. S. Milyaeva, pianist "Masquerade" dir. I. Celine (Alexandrinsky Theatre) Wizard "Neva-Chat" (Theater "Baltic House") 

2004 Prince of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Ivan Tsarevich "The Frog Princess" (Theater "Karambol") 

2005 Mr. Hood "Mary Poppins" (music by M. Dunaevsky), Rolf "The Sound of Music" (music by R. Rogers) (Theater "Karambol") Soldier "Oginvo" (music by T. Cogan) (Theater of the Opera Studio ) Duremar "Buratino" (Theater "Karambol") 

2006-2011. (Theatre of Musical Comedy) 

Eisenstein "Die Fledermaus" (J. Strauss), Rajami "Bayadere" (I. Kálmán) Tassilo "Countess Maritza" (I. Kálmán) Rosilon "The Merry Widow" (F. Legare), Sandor "The Duchess of Chicago" (I.Kálmán) Safir "Bluebeard" (J. Offenbach), Adam "Birdman" (C. Zeller), the Duke of "Tom Sawyer" (S. Banevich), Peter "Spring meetings" (J. Strauss) Willie "Spring Parade" (R. Stolz), Raul de Gardefe "Parisian Life" (J. Offenbach), Andrew Tumansky "Servant" (N. Strel'nikov), Colin "The Secret Garden" (S. Banevich) 

2007 appeared in the anniversary concert (the 125th anniversary I. Kalman) on the stage of the Budapest Operetta Theatre 

2008 Jean-Francois Robber "Tureen" dir. G. Trostianetsky (Theatre "House"), Harchenko (and other roles 8) "Two other" dir. A. Tupikov (Theatre "House") 

2009 Rajami, "Bayadere" I. Kalman (Budapest Operetta Theatre) 

Of 2009-2010. appeared in the International Operetta Gala concerts at the Theatre Ion Dacian, Romania Bucharest 

2011. in collaboration with the maestro Peter Guth (Vienna Strauss Festival Orchestra) performed on the stage of the Cologne State Philharmonic. 

2011 Lensky "Eugene Onegin" by Tchaikovsky (State Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Komi) 

2011 performed in the gala concert dedicated to the anniversary of Imre Kalman (Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Saransk, Republic of Mordovia) 

2012 - 2014 Mariinsky Theatre 

Freddie "My Fair Lady" (F. Loewe) 

Juan "Don Quixote" (J. Massenet) 

Cassio "Otello" (G. Verdi) 

Anatole Kuragin "War and Peace" (S. Prokofiev) 

2012-2014 participated in the project "Opera on Ice" SC "Jubilee" (Saint-Petersburg) 

2013 November - performed in the project "Songs of the war years" on the stage of the Minsk State Philharmonic (Belarus) Symphony Orchestra by P.I.Tchaikovsky, conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev 

2014, August - sang the role of Paul Mush in Shostakovich's opera buffa "Orango" at the Helsinki Art Festival in Finland and the Baltic Sea Festival in Sweden (Stockholm). Conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen. 

September - performed in the gala concert, held as part of the All-Army festival "Russian Army"






Winner of the international competition of the old Russian romance them. I.Yurevoy (1st Prize, Estonia, Tallinn, 2005) 

Laureate of the International Competition. F.Legara (2nd prize, Slovakia, Komarno 2010) 

Winner of the All-Russian competition "Spring Romance" (1st Prize, 2011) 

Laureate of the International competition "Grand Prix of St. Petersburg" (2nd prize, 2012) 

Diploma of the International Competition for Young Opera Singers Elena Obraztsova. 

(St. Petersburg, 2013) 

Diploma of the International Chamber Music Competition Elena Obraztsova memory Spanish singer Conchita Badia, the winner of the special prize "For the best performance of a romance De Falla" (St. Petersburg, 2014)